Wednesday, April 18, 2012

About Town: Patty Wu

PR professional Patty Wu, works at Linda Gaunt Communications; a top NYC PR firm whose clients include Trina Turk, Hunter, Swarovski, and ASHA just to name a few.  Patty recently got engaged (very exciting!) and was kind enough to share a few of her favorite things with us.

Photo taken at The High Line by Kenny Kim Photography

Favorite place to travel and shop...
I love to travel AND shop so picking a favorite is difficult.  Portobello Market in London is fun to peruse.  I also loved Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Tokyo (especially people-watching in Tokyo!)  Also, the little tailor shops in Hoi An are a must - such a fun experience to have pieces custom-made while you relax on the beach!

In general, I like to seek out the small boutiques and independent designers in every new city I visit.  It's inspiring to see collections I've never seen before, learning their stories...and they always make the best souvenirs.

Favorite lunch spot...
During the week it's difficult to get away from the office, but there's a cute little Italian place called Piccolo Cafe, which is great for lunch.  Everything is so fresh and they have daily specials...pasta, sandwiches, salads - yum!

Favorite ASHA piece...
Since my wedding is quickly approaching, I have been eying several ASHA pieces as I gather the "perfect" looks for rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, etc.  I'm in love with all the moonstone pieces and the delicate lace-like border of the Ines earrings are a beautiful, refined statement.

The ivory zodiac ring would be my favorite every day piece. So chic and it makes the perfect gift!

Favorite part about living in NYC...
I love how easy it is to walk around the city.  There's always something new to see, taste, hear - never a dull moment!  One of my favorite places to get away from the buzz of the city is at The High Line.  My fiance and I often take walks there to feel like we're escaping the city (even though we really aren't!)

Favorite part about working at Linda Gaunt PR Firm...
I get to work with some of the most talented designers in the country - that is such an honor and a treat! I'm also surrounded by beautiful jewelry and accessories - pretty much a dream come true for any woman who loves fashion.

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