Thursday, October 11, 2012

About Town: Marissa Kraxberger

I had such fun with Marissa Kraxberger last week over lunch at Andaz.  As the Head of Creative at Oscar de la Renta she is an incredible example of a chic working mom.  She also pens Oscar's new children's blog George & Ruby.  Below is a Q + A with her.  Enjoy!

How do you balance a successful career and being a mom?

You can't be too hard on yourself.  Having a great support system, an incredibly supportive husband and a great team is key.  Both roles - career woman and mom - define who I am and I try and give both 100%. I get home kick of my heels and color with the kids.  

Favorite Oscar de la Renta piece for mom? For kids?

Oscar's Cabochon earrings. There is also an evergreen bejeweled dress from the fall collection that I love. I wore it to our most recent fashion show and Oscar told me I looked elegant... that was a dear diary moment for me.

For the little prince – cotton piqué polos for boys - amazing fit and craftsmanship.  For the little lady - pleated tunic dress in colorful florals, easy to dress up or down.  I love to mix high and low...Key Oscar de la Renta pieces mixed with Zara and Crew Cuts. 

Upcoming trips?

The south of France.  We are renting a house and bringing the kids. Since I don't have much time with the kids during the week I didn't want to take a vacation without them. My mom is coming with us so we can enjoy the kids during the day and have date nights in the evening. 

Why George and Ruby?

We wanted something catchy and playful. George and Ruby are Alex + Eliza Bolen's dogs. Oscar and his family love dogs and felt that it was personal and family oriented.

What can’t you leave the house without?

My iPhone 5. It holds pictures, schedules. It's my direct connection to the kids. 

What’s your favorite social media channel?

Instagram. no question.

What is your favorite ASHA piece?

I LOVE the zodiac pendants...I love wearing items that remind me of the kids.  

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