Friday, October 5, 2012

About Town: September Rinnier

Meet September Rinnier; co-founder of Tuckernuck.  Tuckernuck is one of our favorite sites because it is always beautifully curated with classic staple pieces like this Barbour jacket and these Charles Philip loafers.  In addition to clothes and shoes, the site carries jewelry and home accessories.  We love the lifestyle shoot Tuckernuck did with our jewels.  Remember when we posted it here?  See what inspired September to start Tuckernuck below!
What inspired you to start Tuckernuck?

Tuckernuck grew out of our love for clean-cut, classic American style.  We were constantly finding cool brands that appealed to us, but they were primarily sold offline.  We wanted to create a one-stop shop to aggregate the heritage and up-and-coming brands that define and celebrate this traditional look. To us, Tuckernuck is much more than a collection of designers who make quality clothing, accessories, and home goods but a story of living in good taste, elegance and good company.

We spend most of our time creating rich lifestyle content by merchandising and photographing everything we carry on our friends in natural destination settings rather than on traditional white backdrops.  Our goal is to create the best online shopping experience with an interactive gallery of Tuckernuck Style photos that will allow you to shop by models you can relate to, friends you may even recognize, destinations, events, and traditions within this lifestyle such as horse races and regattas.

What is the best part of working at Tuckernuck?

The people!  Our team is made up of incredibly smart and creative ladies that make each day so much fun.  It's amazing how we can continue to unveil skill sets we never knew we had because we have focused on staying lean, which has caused us to be very successful.

What trend do you think is going to be big this Fall in terms of jewelry?
Deco. Bold necklaces will also continue to be strong.

What are your favorite designers?
For Fall, we love Ali Ro anoraks, Pink Pineapple cashmere sweaters, and Devon Baer skirts and dresses.  For Spring, we're obsessed with Annie Griffin's new collection and Project Alabama.

What is your favorite ASHA piece?
The zodiac ring and zodiac pendant!

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